Chevin Cycles

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Chevin Cycles is a UK based cycle store with 3 physical locations and a fast-growing online eCommerce presence.

Since we started working together in 2015, we have built out several iterations of the Magento 2 online store, worked on custom stock integrations, point of sale design, coordinated email and social media marketing and designed a whole host of print and event collateral.


Website Design / Branding / Google Ads / Social Media / Posters / Point of Sale / Ongoing Support


July 2015 – Ongoing

ecommerce website design
website design victoria


Product SKUs


Increase in Sales


More Repeat Customers

*Since the launch of a new website design in early 2020

Card Design
Poster Design
Email Design

Freelance Graphic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer New York

Freelance Graphic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Graphic Designer London, UK

Freelance Web Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Web Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Web Designer New York

Freelance Web Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Web Designer London, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer New York

Freelance Infographic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer London, UK