Tom Forbes

Freelance Graphic Designer

Tom Forbes

Freelance Graphic Designer

About Me

Hi I’m Tom! A Freelance Graphic Designer currently based in Victoria BC. I create beautiful, functional designs for web and print.

I have a meticulous eye for detail and am incredibly passionate about design. Above all, I want to see businesses flourish and a large part of my process is focused on function, user experience and marketing goals. My work needs to not only look amazing but drive the required results for you and your business!

When I’m not working you’ll find me outside, mountain biking, walking or snowboarding. I also love to travel and document my adventures through film and photography.

My Work


Branding // Website // Marketing // Photography

Chevin Cycles

Website // Branding // Email // Marketing


Branding // Infographic // Brochure


Infographic // Brochure

Parla Toothpaste

Branding // Website // Packaging


Branding // Website // Marketing

BuSki Kombucha

Branding // Packaging

RF Landscape Design

Website // Branding // Video

IIDA Indiana

Website // Social Media

Dont just take my word

Tom’s infographic designs and branding have been the cornerstone of my business for the past five years. Instinctively he knows what I want to create and does it with the minimum of fuss. From logos and infographics to templates and icons, Tom has consistently come up with great work at a really competitive price.

David Taylor – Founder DNAsix

Tom rivals established design agencies on quality, speed & cost.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with a variety of designers and design agencies across two different roles, and I come back to Tom again and again.

Ama Zbarcea – Shire Pharmaceuticals

Get in touch

If you are interested in hiring me for your brand or business, or maybe you’re looking to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Freelance graphic design vancouver
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06 | 07 | 16

A day of digging and mountain biking deep in the welsh countryside.

Tom Forbes - Freelance Graphic Designer
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Can't steal our happiness

The night before this was filmed Conor and Jeremy’s downhill bikes were stolen. Not to be held back, the boys pulled out the hardtails and took to the park.

freelance graphic design london uk
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Japan // Tokyo - Niseko 2016

A Japanese ski trip. Exploring Tokyo and niseko in February 2016.

Freelance Graphic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer New York

Freelance Graphic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Graphic Designer London, UK

Freelance Web Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Web Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Web Designer New York

Freelance Web Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Web Designer London, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer New York

Freelance Infographic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer London, UK