BuSki Kombucha

Branding & Packaging Design


A concept alcoholic kombucha brand that takes its inspiration from the Pacific Northwest and its laid back attitude.

Designed with bright, bold colours and custom illustrations in an effort to catch the eye among a sea of drink options at the local supermarket or liquor store.

Let the good times roll!


Logo / Branding / Packaging / Website Banner


June 2020 – 4 Weeks 

Packaging Design
Graphic Design Victoria
Packaging Design Victoria

Freelance Graphic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer New York

Freelance Graphic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Graphic Designer London, UK

Freelance Web Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Web Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Web Designer New York

Freelance Web Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Web Designer London, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer New York

Freelance Infographic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer London, UK