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Tactec specialize in business agility training courses and like many businesses when the pandemic hit, they had to quickly adjust their strategy to stay ahead. In this case it meant pivoting from providing in-person training to online e-learning courses.

In order to keep the customers coming we completely redesigned the WordPress site, built out an integrated learning management platform for online course delivery and developed a series of fun graphics and animations to better portray the course offerings and services.


Website / Graphics / Ad Management / Social and Email Marketing / Animated Videos


April 2019 РOngoing 

graphic design and animation

Focus on Value at Velocity

tactec website design

Freelance Graphic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer New York

Freelance Graphic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Graphic Designer London, UK

Freelance Web Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Web Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Web Designer New York

Freelance Web Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Web Designer London, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer New York

Freelance Infographic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer London, UK