IIDA Indiana

Website / Branding / Social Media Design


The Indiana chapter of the International Interior Design Association were having issues with an outdated website that kept creating new problems. They also needed some help and direction with branding and social media.

Initially we put together a clean and clear style guide that gave each section of the chapter its own accent colour. The WordPress website was then refreshed to fix any previous issues and allow for more streamlined updates in the future. And finally, a series of social media templates were developed to allow internal staff members to generate consistent content using online tools such as Canva.


Website / Style Guide / Social Media Templates / Letterhead / Email Newsletter Template


June 2021 – 12 Weeks

Icon Design
letterhead design

Freelance Graphic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Graphic Designer New York

Freelance Graphic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Graphic Designer London, UK

Freelance Web Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Web Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Web Designer New York

Freelance Web Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Web Designer London, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer Victoria, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer Vancouver, BC

Freelance Infographic Designer New York

Freelance Infographic Designer Leeds, UK

Freelance Infographic Designer London, UK